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Since the development of photographic processes in the late 18th and 19th centuries, extensive amounts of  human history has been recorded as images. These light sensitive materials and processes are now disintegrating due to age, pollution, chemical acids, ultra violet light and damage caused by many types of disasters.

These treasured photographs represent family history and memories, a departed individual, or added family members.  Once these photographic memories are gone, so too is gone your sense of belonging.

With professional and artistic care, Terry Ferster Truelight Photography can help you reverse the pillages of time, and as importantly, maintain and share the memories with your family and friends. Using the Finest Artistic Elegance we can improve, change  or completely remove problems from the following list:

  • improper tone and contrast
  • color correction of faded images
  • black and white to color
  • color to black and white
  • weak or improper exposures
  • yellowing, dust, mold, stains
  • scratches, tears, or rips
  • unwanted textures, backgrounds
  • removing objects or people
  • new objects, people, backgrounds
  • recreating missing portions
  • improper architectural perspective
  • red eye, wrinkles, skin blemishes
  • bruises, cuts, tattoos, plaster casts

As a reminder to all clients, Truelight Photography respects all aspects of our copyright laws and will advise you if additional written permission will have to be obtained in order for work to be completed.

photo restoration
photo restoration
photo restoration

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